Diablo 2 Projects

Update (11.03.2016): Patch 1.14 has been released. Programs using memory reading became outdated.
- simple program to view item's level. It shows ilvl in Diablo 2 window and in the console. Using 'reading memory'. version: 1.13d. :: movie
- tools for multi-copies of Diablo 2 game. This program can help you at:
# baalruns: you can create/join ng by hotkeys, forget about gamename/passwords.
# csruns xp: leechers follow main char - step by step.
# private mf games: "slaves" follow their "leader" from game to game.
# auto bo: by hotkey.
# auto party: all D2 chars takes the party by pressing one hotkey.
# casting skills (Right Mouse Button) imitation: helps to clean area.
..maybe you'll find other options (auto-enchant, for example).
version: 1.13d.

ajD2AnyaClawBuyer :: movie
- yes, this is my "legit" shop bot for Diablo 2 LoD. it can't be detectable. no memory access, only pixels recognizing.
version: 1.07-1.14, and Single.

simple program. use W-A-S-D keys to move your character like you do it in other games.
version: any.

Diablo 2. Гайд Ассассинов (russian text only)